UPDATE 18th March 2014.Mr. FAKE Herod please take note, Christopher has nothing to do with these blogs,  he does not use the internet and has not done so for three years.  You have the audacity to first leave an unsolicited and unwanted homophobic comment, followed by a threatening abusive comment and expect it to be ignored.  These  blogs are in support of the gross injustices against Christopher & Robert for over 8 years by your type. This is your second unwanted & unsolicited comment, you first being your distinctly homophobic comment further down this page,  and it is now a criminal offence. If you lived in the UK there would be no hesitation in reporting you to the UK police for your harassment and false allegations.  Christopher has done nothing to you, produce your evidence beyond any reasonable doubt and to the criminal standard or leave him alone.  Be reminded Mr. Herod, you were not even mentioned in any of the blogs, and no one connected to these blogs made you aware of their existence, you went looking and you found what you wanted to find and then left your first nasty comment below,  making your untrue and unsubstantiated allegations.  If you were indeed stalked, it is suggested to read all the proof in these blogs of the many proven impersonators of Christopher who stalked and abused others using his name, as proved beyond any doubt in the 2010 4 day civil trial of one of the abusers, the ringleader Ronnie Hobby, found guilty of impersonating Christopher by an eminent senior District Judge. Surely you are intelligent enough to realize truth backed by proof when you read it !  Your comments were unwanted and unsolicited.

As for your comment that you will see Christopher in Hell !   Have you and your friends not considered for one moment the Hell that you and your friends have put not only Christopher, but Robert through for years already ! you miserable excuse for a human being !

Herod 2nd comment.

fisher taskzeno feb comment 2014.

UPDATE  19:00 hrs.  21st March 2014.  WE HAVE JUST BEEN NOTIFIED THAT THE ISP OF THE ABUSIVE COMMENTER THE FAKE WILLIAM HEROD, HAS TERMINATED THE ABUSERS ACCOUNT !  The genuine William Herod is now putting the matter in the hands of his USA attorney.  When the identity of this coward is revealed it will be published here.

It is suspected that this is one of two historic abusers in the USA or UK, but they are too COWARDLY to expose who they really are !  prefering to conduct their anonymous BIGOTED HOMOPHOBIA and HATE from behind a computer using the name of an innocent person (The genuine William Herod)  with the intention to hurt others and create another victim in their wake.

FURTHER UPDATE 18th March 2014.   A further comment has been made which is published below, and it has been established beyond all reasonable doubt that this is the genuine MR. William Herod.  The long comment left this afternoon denies it is the same person who left the two libelous & defamatory harassing and stalking comments above, but indicates that it knows who the real person is who posted these two comments.  Investigations are now underway to establish the truth of this situation and the results will be published here in this blog when the truth is established beyond any reasonable doubt.

It has been noted that the two IP addresses on the above comments are different, this indicates that whoever left them may have been using a proxy server to mask their own genuine IP address.  FACT FROM AN EXPERT ON THE SUBJECT.  No matter how many proxy servers are involved in transmitting a message through the Internet, the protocols remain the same. Data cannot be transferred from an anonymous blogger’s computer without an address. If the anonymous blogger accesses a proxy server before sending defamatory material to the destination website, there is still a trail, the IP addresses. Even if the IP address is disguised, it may be traceable if the proxy server preserves the IP address logs that are created to associate the sending computer’s IP address with a particular communication.

william herod (genuine ?) comment 18th march 2014

NOTE, the IP address on the further comments above, purportedly from the genuine William Herod does locate to Buffalo where the genuine Mr. Herod Lives.  The ‘taskzeno’ details in the first two comments are a reference to Mr. William Herod and his artwork featuring a robot

The mystery thickens !  Who is who.  No mystery anymore. It has just been established that the latest two comments are indeed from the genuine Mr. William Herod, and dialogue is now ongoing between Mr. Herod and his fellow abused.

Here are details of where the IP addresses in the first two comments originate from

This one is most definitely a proxy server masking the genuine IP address.

zeno 1st comment1

This IP address in London, UK may be genuine, but is possibly using a proxy server again.  However, court orders on the servers with these details will be costly but will determine who used the proxy servers at these times and dates and then a further court order on where they originated from would reveal the abuser to Mr. Herod’s lawyers !  Then there will be a joint action between Mr. Herod and Christopher against the abuser, and we suspect it will form a major part of an 8 year jigsaw puzzle.

zeno 1st comment

The Sociopathic Cyberpathic Homophobic Bigot Ronnie Hobby would like Ricky Gervais to dramatise his stalking story,  Ricky is welcome, all the material is right here in these blogs Ricky, feel free to use it all !……………………………..

Ronnie Hobby Twitter 6th March 2013


This Describes Ronnie Hobby and his gang to a T !




Update 21st February 2014.

Yesterday Christopher was interviewed by the Police who took two signed statements for two different police forces. One for perjury and perverting the course of justice, the details of which cannot be published about at this point in time,  and the other for a serious breach of a permanent non molestation order to protect Christopher from one of his abusers.  The breach is in relation to a highly libelous & defamatory blog that was published on google in October 2013 that contained police ‘Restricted’ documents.  The blog purported to have been published by the Crown Prosecution Service and stated it had been published in defense of Ronnie Hobby.  The blog connected to a youtube account that advertised the blog and again the youtube publication stated it was in defence of Ronnie Hobby.  The youtube account published five videos about Christopher.  The Police now have all the evidence for both statements and currently the police are liaising with google who are co-operating with the police to provide them with the registration details of the blogger and then the police will request details of who the blogger is from their ISP .

A link to one of Christopher & Roberts USA friends website

Take note of the notice on the front page about your rights Mr. Herod, your abusive comment is not protected under freedom of expression !

For Mr. Homophobe William Herod :-


& listen to this

UPDATE 15th February 2014.  The narcissistic cyberpath gang are still at it.  One of the gang living in Buffalo in the USA  left a homophobic comment on the blog about Christopher’s art, and also made completely unfounded, untrue and unprovable allegations.  The comment is a hate crime.  Its  name, email address,  location and IP address were recorded along with the comment. If it leaves another such harassing and homophobic comment it will constitute ‘criminal harassment’ and Mr. William Herod Homophobe (fake Herod that you are) will be reported to the USA or UK police.



See what Perter Tatchell, supporter of this campaign for justice &  leading UK public figure and gay & animal rights campaigner has to say about homophobic bigots like you Mr. William Herod Homophobe


Below is another ‘PROVEN’ homophobic abuser of Christopher from New Jersey talking about his own country !
“Jack Fisher
That is not a very nice thing to say about your fellow Americans, Jack !
Jack’s personal opinions in no way reflect the feelings of this blog !
Two homophobic Gems from Jack Fisher below
In this email he tells Otto Holler that Christopher “Will pay for his degenerate homo lifestyle”
Jack Fisher:Otto Holler email. 19.12.2010
There is something very very interesting about the above email which was sent to Christopher anonymously in December 2010.
Mr. William Herod – Homophobe from Buffalo is an old good friend of ‘Pat W’
Shortly after Christopher received the above email, Pat W sends Christopher an email ‘Pat W’ had received from someone else accusing Pat  W of being in leaque with Christopher; accuses Pat W of being the sender of the above email which was sent anonymously to Christopher; accuses Pat W of being ‘Ottowanker’; accuses Pat W of “Anti-semitic vitriol aimed at Jack Fisher; accuses Pat W of taunting Randy Richmond. The rest of the email is full of four letter expletives and insults to Pat W.
Here is the email minus necessary redactions to protect the identity of the sender of this email to Pat W.  This is basically a criminal attack on Pat W.  At no time has Christopher been playing “footsie under the table” with Pat W, and at no time has Christopher collaborated with Pat W. Christopher was absolutely dumbfounded to have received this email from Pat W.
You read about the ‘ottowanker’ allegations levied against Pat W in the email above.  These are those, and Christopher nor anyone connected to him is in any way responsible for these.
The sender of the vitriolic email above to Pat W also alleges that Pat W  sent Christopher the anonymous email further up between Jack Fisher & Otto Holler, and makes all of these allegations on hearsay and provided no proof of the allegations.
So, Christopher was not ‘OttoWanker’  & if as accused Pat M was not ‘OttoWanker’ who was !  Answers on the back of a postage stamp please !
In another part of the Fine Art America chat below , Jack fisher states Chris and ‘Pat’   “are the worst of avoida zora”   The “Pat” jack is referring to happens to be a long time friend of the homophobe from Buffalo who left a homophobic comment on these blogs two days ago.  Jack spells it wrong as usual, it is actualy “Abodah Zarah”  So Jack Fisher is basically saying that Christopher & Patrick W  practice idolatry.
jack fisher chris and pat avoida zara
& in the part of the art chat below, Jack Fisher states Chris and “Pat”   “Are the ‘worst’ of Amalek”.
Putting the two comments together,  ‘ Abodah Zarah & Amalek’  means that Jack Fisher believes Christopher & Pat W  are gentile idolaters that should be exterminated !
jack fisher amalek
So, what do you have to say Now Mr. William Herod Homophobe of Buffalo, about your fellow  homophobe  Jack Fisher of Lakewood, New Jersey & another who says this about your good friend Pat !    Fisher does not live far from Mr. William Herod -  Homophobe of Buffalo.
See Below Mr. Herod,  A Saatchi art chat room transcript from 29th January 2010 with Jack Fisher in the ID  ‘Glogalwarming’  being told he is Jack Fisher  and then Glogalwarning saying no he is Chris, there Fisher impostoring Chris in an ID he believed he would not be recognised in who attacked your friend Pat W on a regular basis and this time wanting others to believe it was Christopher, and see how he is confronted by another ID ‘Snaatchi’ seemingly defending your good friend Pat W,  perhaps you were ‘Snaatchi’.
jack is chris
19th February 2014, you were just caught you looking at Christopher’s art on facebook Jack, what you doing looking at the art of a homosexual.
Are you practicing homophobic cyberstalking again Jack !
You obviously are cyberstalking again Jack. Christopher’s partner received a facebook notification that you shared one of Christopher’s artworks that his partner posted in a facebook art group, proof below.  Why exactly would you do that Jack, publish the art of a man you want dead and locked up in prison !
Update 14:30 20th February 2014.  Jack Fisher has now removed the art below from his FB page, however, a web archived file was kept as proof of this harassment by Jack Fisher.
jack fisher 20th feb.2014


Christopher John Hobby a.k.a Kris Manalien is the biggest victim of Ronnie Hobby & Barry John Scott and a whole host of other narcissistic cyberpathic sociopathic internet trolls who follow them.  They have both regularly impostored Christopher since 2007.  The main abuse occurred on the Charles Saatchi art website from 2007 onwards with these two men both known cyber abusers impersonating Christopher on the Saatchi art website and abusing other users of the website making them believe it was really Christopher when it was not.  They would then enter the site in their own or other id’s names and befriend the very people they had been abusing, and they all joined in further abuser of Christopher !   The evidential proof and truth can be seen in the accompanying entries in these blogs and at the bottom of this entry where you can see a selection of the things Ronnie Hobby was found guilty of at his 4 day 2010 trial from the official summing up by a District Judge at the end of the 4 day trial of Ronnie Hobby the ringleader in 2010, including proof he was civilly convicted of impersonating Christopher and abusive publications in his name. You will see transcripts finding it proven that Ronnie Hobby regularly impersonated Christopher and made abusive publications about him and publications abusing others using Christopher’s name.

ronnie hobby


Ronnie Hobby Criminal Record 2ITEM+FIVE%3AA+-+Ronnie+Hobby+crim+rec+for+harassment+of+ex+girlfriend

What wonderful qualifications, ‘Harassment’ -  ‘Possession of Offensive Weapons’ -  “Deception’ !  Such wonderful qualities in a friend, and one should always judge ones friends by the company that they keep.

You choose your victim, someone you have known all your life, you know lots about them and you are jealous of them.  The perfect scenario for you to successfully impersonate your victim. You are a self admitted computer hacker and you hack your victims computer and email accounts.  Of course it helps immensely if like Ronnie Hobby you have a criminal record with 4 counts of deception, it is easier to deceive people, and one conviction for harassment  and of course if you are a semi professional actor like him it gets even easier.  You impersonate that victim and you begin to attack online acquaintances of your victim in your victims name.  You set up websites with your victims name as the URL.  You set up kinky profiles about your victim, which you can see in another blog entry. You set up fake email accounts in the name of your chosen victim and contact acquaintances and other people about your victim, even threaten them.  You contact real world acquaintances of your victim.  You threaten your victims supporters (well, as you see above, he does also have a conviction for possession of offensive weapons ! ) with threat of legal or police action and they fall for it and drop their support of your victim after you have told them lies about your victim, and you win them over to supporting you.  You even use the police and lie to them to achieve your goals like you and your gang making serious false criminal allegations to the Police that results in a four police car & armed response unit violent break in to your victims home in the hope that a “Suicide By Cop”  situation will ensue.


see the dorset police armed response unit violent break in to the home of Robert & Christopher evidence here :-

Your gang publish death threats to slash your victims throat and make them drink their own blood.  You and members of your cybergang infiltrate and elicit employment details of your victims and then the employers are contacted and your victims lose their jobs. This is a psychological technique known as ‘SHUNNING’ and you are an expert in this technique, it is a common practice for gangstalking !  This is all designed to alienate and isolate your victims and leave them with no support network. You anonymously abuse your victim in the same forums as the acquaintances of the victim you have been abusing in your victims name.  You then use your own name and contact the people you have been abusing in your victims name and win them over, making them believe you are a victim of your victim and you tell your new friends gross lies about your victim.  They are gullible and it is very easy for a seasoned deceiver  to manipulate. You even contact stalking organizations with lies about your victim and get the organization to believe, support and promote you as a victim as proved here :-

Now you have the perfect scenario for a gang cyberstalking of your victim and your enlisted new friends begin attacking your chosen victim, and it works so well until you are uncovered for a simple flaw in your plan, the flaw being that you set the kinky profiles up in your own email address and you registered the impersonating websites in your own real name and address too, even registering one of them at your dead mother’s address,  and did not realise until you had been exposed that you could have registered for ‘privacy protect’ and that way your victim would never have identified you.  So be sure you do it properly, unless like Ronnie Hobby the ringleader of this blogs stories you get discovered.

Telephone and published homophobic death threat from one of the gang Dawn Lesley Hilton is  below, there is a ton more of her abusive and homophobic publications from the Charles Saatchi art website yet to be published in these blogs.

hilton death threat

by “Orgasmart”  who is Dawn Lesley Hilton :-

Dawn Hilton Threat to kill police record.

Hilton made a video about Christopher which she entitled “Hobby Nob” she published on the old Charles Saatchi website, you can see that publication here :-

& here she is promoting it :-

“Comment by VaginaBong on May 21, 2008 at 9:44

“Hobby Nob, having fun at last and getting a life. January 31st, 2008
Hi I’m thesexyartist: Hi, my friends call me the sexy artist because I paint sexy arty stuff, not all the time, just here and there to keep my art fun. He is the 1st video art that I have ever made, I had the thought about the sculpture some months ago. HOW THE SCULPTURE CAME ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The actual white part of the sculpture is just a metal coat hanger, a plastic plant pot layered with plaster of paris, the actual penis is one of my worn out vibrators, pity really as it was one of my favourites, but the only one with balls attatched! Anyway, I covered that in plaster of paris too, I the suspended the penis using fishing line and had to manually swing the penis in and out to get the swinging motion, swinging as in rotation, not swinging as in exchanging partners! I had great fun making this art work, It makes me laugh so much it hurts, simple and fun. I have a lingerie and adult toy mail order business, I plan on making more fun art in the near future. Perhaps call it The Hobby Nob Pals Collection! Dawn Hilton


Below is a public apology from Dawn Lesley Hilton from early 2010 when she published in Charles Saatchi’s art forums an apology for all her abuse of Christopher after she discovered he had not committed any of the abuse against her and that it had been someone else !  At least she had the courage to admit the error of her ways, which is more courage than the rest of her fellow abusers put together :-

hilton truce

The sad fact is that all the abusers Ronnie Hobby enlisted over the years are such dumbfucks that they all fell for it, but even when you prove to them that they had been conned and fooled by Ronnie Hobby, they cannot admit to it out of the shame and rather than realize they had been taken in by a criminally convicted deceiver & harasser, they carry on supporting the abuser.  Such people have no conception of what truth is, they have no conscience about what they do, they care not that lives are ruined and destroyed, as long as theirs are not !



In items 27 & 31 & 35 below from the District Judges summing up, The judge finds Ronnie Hobby Guilty of the abuse and impersonation of Christopher on the Charles Saatchi art website, where the abuse and impersonation of Christopher occurred.3A.RONNIE HOBBY IMPOSTER PROVED BY JUDGE MURPHY

summing up 2 saatchi court summing up


summing up : impersonating websites

It is amazing what Ronnie Hobby followers & supporters will do for him even though they knew of his criminal record.  In 2012 Ronnie Hobby made a very unsuccessful application to have the 3 year 2010 non molestation order overturned.  Subsequently he was in contempt of court and Christopher made a counter claim and in December 2012 the judge made the non molestation order on Ronnie Hobby far stronger and indefinite.  However, Ronnie Hobby had sent some letters to the judge from his supporters and friends.  The entire contents of the letters from these two supporters were malicious lies.  See one of them below in which this person describes Christopher to the Judge as “a liar and dangerous criminal”, and makes many serious false allegations against Christopher and this person advises the judge to ignore Christopher’s evidence, all pure and totally utter rubbish. This person must have thought it was Christopher he was reading about in Ronnie Hobby’s criminal record further up this page, but it does show a big contradiction, as here is this person strongly supporting someone it knew is a proven liar and proven nasty convicted criminal – its friend Ronnie Hobby, talk about pot kettle black !  Well, as always the evidence was far too strong to be ignored and the judge dismissed the unsolicited letters of support for Ronnie Hobby and insisted that Christopher should have copies of them.


The screwball who sent this letter for the attention of the District Judge Willis keeps the company of a dangerous Criminal – Ronnie Hobby, this screwball has seen the long criminal record of Ronnie Hobby for Deception, Harassment, possession of offensive weapons in a public place !!!!!!!   go see the criminal record further up this page you Screwball,  and the Screwball has the audacity to maliciously defame Christopher by telling the Judge Christopher is  “A Dangerous Criminal”  you screwball !  Screwball has even seen the crimes Ronnie Hobby was found guilty of against Christopher, heard the death threats, seen the contract killing arrangements and the others, Screwball  !!!!!!!  Why Ronnie Hobby is so cockshure of himself that he even criminally physically assaulted Gerry Coulter in a criminal court room in front of everyone including the Crown Persecution Service Prosecutor. Now there is a nasty criminal for you and it most certainly is not Christopher !!!!!!!

The sender of the above letter had never met Christopher, did not ‘know him’  as its letter claims, had provided no evidence for the judge to support any of its entirely false criminal allegations above, this just beggars belief, no wonder the judge threw it out.  Fortunately, civil courts do not allow hearsay evidence and such malicious communications as above, unlike the criminal courts where people are regularly convicted on hearsay evidence alone or blackmailed to change a not guilty plea to one of guilty. The person who wrote this highly malicious and defamatory letter to a District Judge states it has seen evidence from Ronnie Hobby !!! marvelous considering he produced no evidence whatsoever during his 2010 4 day trial, all he produced was lies and hearsay.

The sender of the malicious email to Pat W, and the malicious defamatory letter to the judge in the very successful case against Ronnie Hobby is truly a pot calling the kettle black. It seems to forget that its friends regularly impostored Christopher on the Saatchi art website, one of those impersonating friends was referred to above – Jack Fisher.  The author of the email and letter also conveniently forgets that it is connected to a 2006 freewebs website set up to humiliate both Christopher and Robert with malicious humiliating blogs about them and references to ‘Rubber’ & ‘The Heath’. This ia a funny quote from the website :-

‘My work has a lot of double meanings.

As well as loving all sorts of digital art, I also enjoy the series ‘Friends’, my partner Helmut (he pays zee bills!) and making new age music which is sweet and soothing. I also enjoy riding space hoppers naked and spiritualism. One day I hope to literally bounce my way around Stonehenge!’

images of Christopher’s artworks were appropriated and published  in the blog, and also taking the piss out of Christopher’s artwork by producing poor imitations of his artwork but naming them the same as the names of Christopher’s artwork.  That website is still online and full web archived files have been secured for future evidence, and has been since all the abuse of Christopher that began on the Saatchi art website, since 2006.   There are witnesses to that humiliating website, one of them is a friend of the author of the letter and email and also friend of Jack Fisher, Otto Holler, and here in a skype conversation with Christopher in early 2007 Otto Holler admits to having seen the humiliating website :-



As You can read above, Otto Holler admits the existence of the humiliating website, and that he had seen it. Notice Holler says in early 2007 that he had also been attacked by the person who wrote the email and letter and does not like him one bit, nor Jack Fisher.  Yet suddenly they are all friends and emailing and chatting with each other and plotting the downfall of Christopher. Otto Holler is even referred to in police notes which Christopher obtained under a court order, and those notes are full of severe inaccuracies and downright provable lies.  Otto Holler passed on the lies to his friend the known serial cyberstalker Christian De Boeck and in turn De Boeck then published the false information about Christopher and also passed on all the false details to Ronnie Hobby and others in this gang in an email containing the lies from Holler and another.  This is JoJo Marengo who was a serious victim of De Boeck  In the first large paragraph you see JoJo refer to his South African abuser, that is DeBoeck. In the same paragraph JoJo refers to a ‘ manchester bloger ‘  and this was Dawn Lesley Hilton, a member of the abuser gang who Dorset police had arrested for publishing on the Saatchi art website that she was going to slash Christopher’s throat and make him drink his own blood, which she also confirmed in a telephone call to Christopher, a charming woman you can see here Anyone can confirm all this with Marengo by contacting him here  There are more interesting parts of this very revealing skype conversation that will be revealed in the fullness of time in a criminal court of law.

This is the email DeBoeck sent to Ronnie Hobby and others, a message he had received from Otto Holler in Germany that Holler had received from the sender of the fisher/holler email and malicious communication to the judge in the case against Ronnie Hobby further up.  Either Holler was lied to in order to pass on the false information about Christopher or the author in the heavy black and red text at the bottom was lied to by the police.


In conclusion, the malicious & defamatory letter sent for the attention of the District Judge by this person cites exactly what Ronnie Hobby was found guilty of doing to Christopher & Robert, virtually word for word of the false allegations above are applicable to Ronnie Hobby and what he did to Christopher & Robert, and  this person knew it to be so.  The Judge must have thought he was reading an appraisal of Ronnie Hobby when he read this absurd rubbish !

Interesting point of note :  The person who sent the malicious email to Pat W  is the same person who sent the malicious communication for the attention of  the District Judge !

The above is a very real and true story and you are encouraged to check out all the other entries in these blogs that this one relates to.

4 thoughts on “The idiots guide to Homophobic Cyber gang stalking

  1. William Herod

    To whom it may concern:

    I have never left an abusive comment on anyones page, website, or thru email EVER. Period. I never communicated with Mr. Hobby on Saatchi or any other web site.

    Someone is using my good name as a weapon of hate and it has to stop.

    I have an idea who this is but will not mention his name until I have proof, but I can tell you he is in Buffalo, New York.

    For many years I thought of this person as a friend, but found him to be a bitter, angry individual. I have engaged an attorney concerning this matter and will press charges against this person when proof has been established.

    In short, I too am being victimized as well those being harassed in that my name is being used in this hateful manner.

    Thank You, William Herod

  2. 2013retribution Post author

    Thank you William. Now that this cowards ISP has terminated its account, we are Looking forward to your attorney taking revelant action to uncover the true identity of this piece of scum.


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